written analysis

Read Atul Gawande’s article “Overkill.”–>Overkill- America’s Epidemic of Unnecessary Care.pdf  
Develop a 5-page paper (this is a minimum only, and it does not including title, abstract, or reference pages), which conforms to APA standards and discusses the questions below.  Also, supplement this article review with additional research from at least four other sources on the general topic of “low value care,” adding perspective to the author’s viewpoint. 
Overkill Discussion Questions
1. What is “low value care”?
2. Why do people get “low value care”?
3. Why is overdiagnosis a problem?
a. Explain rabbits, birds, and turtles.
b. What has happened to the death rate from thyroid cancer?
4. Describe what happened to Taylor.
 a. What is this sort of program called?
b. What might it do to cost and quality?
c. What’s an alternative?
5. What happened in McAllen?
a. How did inputs to care change?
b. How did outputs of care change?

Writing Assignments- See the Perdue Owl link to proper use of APA, and also found in the Getting Started tab.

For this course, we will use APA writing style, which focuses on in-text citations and a reference page. Acceptable number of pages are outlined in each assignmet folder. For all chapter assignments you must incorporate the required number current sources that provide rationale or support for the topic under discussion. Your submission must include a cover page with the name of the course, your name, the instructor’s name, title, and the date. The only deviation from APA that is allowed is that your paper does not need an abstract.

Written paper/case study analysis assignments will be evaluated based on the following scale.

Use of proper APA writing style (This means all submissions must adhere to the required in text citations and a reference list for all submissions:
In-text study citations (minimum of 4 additional sources)
Title page
Reference list 

Subheadings (This means that all assignments must have the required subheadings listed 1-4 below starting with the introduction).


1. Introduction of Topic and Facts as presented of the case (if applicable).  Make this an executive summay. Tell me the major findings of your case study here, so that an executive reading your case would be able to get the big picture by just reading your introduction. You will later elaborate on your findings in section 3.


2. A Summary of the Area(s) Pertinent to the Course. In this section, you are to clearly identify how this case relates to your text.  Provide a minimum of three major concepts discussed in the text and identify how they are used in the case study.


A Detailed Case Discussion. 

Essay responses to all titled assigned questions in the assignment tab are composed in this section, each as respective subtopics. Reprint the question or a paraphrase of the question as the subtopic.
Subtopic 1
Subtopic 2
Subtopic 3
Subtopic 4


4. Conclusion: Summarize the main elements of your case and develop three take-aways you have from this assignment.